DE21P Embedded Powerline Modem Reference Design

DS2 recently introduced the DE21P module reference design for embedded powerline communications applications. The DE21P enables product differentiation and can be used for widely different products including set top boxes, home gateways, remote speaker systems, IP cameras, or personal computers. DS2′s DE21P embedded powerline modem reference design is designed for use with Aitana, DS2′s leading 200 Mbps chipset solution for reliable high speed multimedia home networking, consumer electronics, and service provider IPTV applications.

The DE21P Embedded Powerline Modem facilitates a fully plug and play networking experience. The embedded web page in each Aitana chipset provides a simplified configuration of home networking devices, while the new processing capabilities include on-chip support for native TR-069 client software in the powerline modem to provide a standard solution for service providers to manage their customers’ home networks. The DE21P has managed queues with multiple priority levels and strict bandwidth and latency guarantees. It supports the full mix of different types of service like Data, VoIP, IPTV or Video on Demand on the same network, and each DE21P node ensures that each traffic stream is allocated its required network resources.

GPIO for advanced features like one-button security set-up that removes the need for PC configuration, and multi-color powerline link status indicator
The DE21P reference design provides everything required to move quickly into production of powerline enabled devices. It is the basis of a complete development solution including evaluation board with full connectivity and a powerful application programming environment that allows for the rapid development of custom applications.

The Reference Design facilitates full connectivity through optimized module pin out including:

  • MII for high speed applications like Ethernet to powerline adapter
  • UART interface allows for integration of service data
  • TDM / I2S for optimum use in native audio applications
  • Flexible power supply for the easiest integration with single, dual or triple supply

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