TranSwitch 10.5 Gbps HD-PXL-1.3 Transmitter IP Cores

TranSwitch® Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC) recently announced the HDMI® 1.3 Intellectual Property (IP) cores that operate at up to 10.5 Gbps (3.5 Gbps per channel). The HD-PXL-1.3 transmitter IP core extends TranSwitch’s existing offerings in high-performance video interconnect applications and is available in 90 nm CMOS technology. The HD-PXL-1.3 transmitter IP core is available in two versions. The first version meets all the current HD (High Definition) standards up to 2.25 Gbps. The second version supports serial communications at a speed of up to 3.5 Gbps per channel for extended HD resolutions, with backward compatibility to the first version of 2.25 Gbps.

The transmitter IP core and the DSP-based receiver IP core can run at aggregated speeds of up to 10.5 Gbps and support color depth of up to 16 bits, while providing exceptionally low power consumption and small die size.

TranSwitch provides a comprehensive package of deliverables to assist customers through all phases of development, design integration and manufacturing of their SoC. This package includes a development platform, as well as all documentation and models of the IP, which enables customers to easily integrate the HD-PXL-1.3 IP cores into complex SoC designs so they can get to market more quickly.

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