Common Power Format Relational Analyzer Tool

Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) recently announced a Common Power Format Relational Analyzer tool that will enable users of Si2′s CPF standard to analyze the design intent for a low-power design and examine the current state and relationships among the CPF data objects. The CPF Relational Analyzer is also useful as a training aid to learn/understand CPF, as an aid to ease the adoption process and as an analysis tool in the IC design process. The CPF Relational Analyzer is available to all members of the Low-Power Coalition.

The CPF Relational Analyzer was developed by the in-house Si2 engineering staff, and is based upon the Low Power Coalition’s data model work. The Analyzer includes a relational database, and supports SQL-like queries on all the data objects and the many relationships between data objects. The Analyzer is built using Tcl/Tk scripts which interface directly to other EDA applications, thus allowing tighter integration into the design flow. The CPF Analyzer supports designs of any complexity or size, and includes an easy-to-use interactive GUI with extensive search and report features.

The CPF standard was approved and made publicly available in March of 2007, and since then has achieved wide acceptance in terms of EDA tool adoption, use in end-user tool flows, actual chip tape-outs and subsequent testimonials, and adoption into major foundry reference flows. CPF is supported not only by the Low Power Coalition, but also the Power Forward Initiative.

More information: Si2 | Power Forward Initiative