Altium Innovation Station

Altium Innovation Station is a complete, unified electronics design environment that puts device intelligence at the centre of the design process. This turns electronics design inside out, removing the current constraints to innovation and opening up electronics design to emerging economies, to software engineers who have no experience of electronics design, and to experienced engineers seeking new ways to be innovative. Designs can now take days rather than weeks, and the choke points often found between the software teams, the board layout teams and the hardware development teams are removed.

The Altium Innovation Station combines Altium’s unified development software, Altium Designer, with the company’s NanoBoard desktop reconfigurable hardware development board. Using the Altium Innovation Station, designers can design in the soft domain, without having to pre-determine the hardware platform on which the product will eventually be delivered, using one of a range of programmable devices. They can then quickly and easily test, analyse and debug the design using the Desktop NanoBoard and then deploy either to conventional manufacturing, or in the future to a range of deployment NanoBoards that Altium is developing.

For businesses, the intellectual property that now resides within the programmable devices is better protected and harder to copy. The design of the electronic systems can change as the design progresses, once the hardware is manufactured, and even after it is delivered to customers. Building connectivity into designs means that companies can create ‘ecosystems’ for their customers by connecting them together using the products themselves.

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