Tektronix DDRtest Toolset for DDR3 Memory

Tektronix, Inc. recently announced the DDRtest suite, which is a comprehensive test toolset for DDR 2 and new DDR 3 technology. DDR 3 is the next generation of Double Data Rate (DDR ) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) that will deliver higher performance data rates. The Tektronix DDRtest solution supports all speeds of DDR, DDR 2 and DDR 3, spans both analog and digital domains, and is based upon industry-leading hardware and software.

For digital validation and debug, the TLA7000 logic analyzer and the new TLA7BB4 acquisition module provide the only logic analysis solution available to address all speeds of DDR , DDR 2 and DDR 3, including DDR 3-1600. In addition, the new DDRtest set provides a cost savings up to 30% over existing approaches. The TLA7BB4 with Nexus Technology DDR 3/DDR 2 Protocol Violation Software automates the analysis of aDDR 2 or DDR 3 bus to quickly and easily identify protocol violations, frequency of those violations, and also provide a global view of all the DDRcommands in the logic analyzer memory. With memory support and probing solutions, the TLA7000 series provides the most capable solution for digital validation and debug. Physical link analysis is performed using a DSA8200 sampling oscilloscope for TDR -based signal path characterization and circuit board verification.

For analog validation and debug, the new DDRAnalysis option (opt. DDRA) on the DSA70000 family of Digital Serial Analyzers along with matching P7500 TriMode(tm) active differential probes and DPOJET measurement software, provide a powerful debug toolset that automatically identifies reads and writes, and performs Clock, Jitter, Amplitude, Timing, and Eye Diagram measurements. NewDDRprobe tips for the P7500 Series are able to attach to hard to reach portions of the device under test.

The DDR 3 standard supports data rates of 800 mega transfers per second (MT/s) to 1600 MT/s with clock frequencies of 400 MHz to 800 MHz respectively, double the speed of DDR 2 technology. DDR 3 should be ideal for high-performance applications such as file servers, video on demand, encoding and decoding, gaming, and 3-D visualization.

More information: Tektronix | Nexus Technology