Call for Papers: Virtualization of Electronics Worldwide Conference

VaST has issued a call for technical papers for the Virtualization of Electronics Worldwide Conference 2008 (ViEWcon08). The event will take place October 6-7, 2008 at the Santa Clara Hilton in California. ViEWcon08 will host two days of technology sessions, allowing embedded software and hardware developers from around the world to gain valuable insight into how virtualization technology changes how electronics systems are designed.

If you are interested in making a presentation for VIEWCon08, you need to submit an abstract to Monica Corral by June 30, 2008. Submissions for VIEWCon08 should describe the application of electronics virtualization tools and methodologies to relevant embedded systems design and software development projects. You will need to submit the following information:

  • An abstract of 200-300 words, describing the objective of the paper/presentation
  • Tentative title
  • Name of the author, co-authors and complete contact information

The paper or presentation should cover one of the following topics:

  • Embedded system virtualization: Techniques in Analysis and Control
    • Debugging hardware dependent software: rapid hardware dependent software integration
    • Advanced software profiling: mapping software execution to hardware behavior
    • Rapid identification of system performance impact “hot spots” (e.g. power hot spots, bus bottle necks, processor load balancing)
    • Techniques for integrating probe points into model components for visibility and control
    • Automated test coverage and regression analysis
    • Testing fail safe and redundancy features using targeted fault injection
    • Sub-system unit testing using direct platform stimulation
    • Leveraging the Eclipse plug-in infrastructure for customizing analysis
  • Developing embedded super-systems: present and future challenges
    • Developing, debugging and optimizing distributed embedded system networks (e.g. automotive ECU networks, mesh wireless networks)
    • Optimal partitioning of software over homogeneous multi-processors for high performance embedded systems
    • Software development for heterogeneous multi-processor systems
    • Secure and reliable software: maximizing the benefits of hardware multi-threading support
    • Techniques for high speed simulation of embedded super-systems
  • Model Creation and High Performance Coding
    • Coding style guidelines and practices for peripheral model speed, and accuracy
    • Coding style guidelines and practices for peripheral model speed, and accuracy
    • Processor micro-architecture exploration via rapid model generation
    • Automated paths to implementation – from SystemC to RTL
  • System and Design Flow Integration
    • Integrating distinct simulation platforms with different levels of abstraction
    • Best practices and challenges for co-simulation between distinct technologies (e.g. SystemC, RTL, hardware devices)
    • Importing legacy models into a simulation environment: techniques and trade-offs
    • Methods for interfacing simulation environments with existing build, test and run infrastructure
    • Integrated design flow environments in Eclipse

More information: ViEWcon08