Staccato Ripcord1 Development Kit

Staccato Communications recently announced the Ripcord1(tm) Development Kit (DVK). Staccato’s Ripcord1 DVK is an integrated development environment that accelerates native Wireless USB device designs based on the Ripcord1 family of single-chip, all-CMOS Certified Wireless USB solutions. The Ripcord1 DVK enables native device designs for the Wireless USB market by including all the needed hardware, software, and full documentation. The Ripcord1 DVK features an XScale PXA270-based Single-Board Computer (SBC) running embedded Linux and allows developers to access and evaluate WiMedia MAC and PHY characteristics.

At the core of the Ripcord1 DVK is the Ripcord Control Library (RCL). This fully abstracted software library provides services to simplify the interface to the Ripcord1 IC and enables easy integration on a wide variety of platforms. The software compatibility of the RCL with all of Staccato’s Ripcord ICs allows for the seamless migration of designs that will work with the next-generation of devices on Staccato’s product roadmap. The integration of the Ripcord Control Library in the development kit reduces overall design complexity in a variety of applications including mobile handsets, digital cameras, printers, portable media players, mass storage, and wireless audio/video. The RCL also allows designers to take advantage of the inherent benefits afforded by Staccato’s single-chip, all-CMOS solutions, which include low power, small form factor, and reduced system cost.

Staccato’s Ripcord1 solution is listed on the USB-IF Integrators List for Certified Wireless USB Peripheral Silicon signifying that it has passed all of the compliance and interoperability tests required for Wireless USB certification. Ripcord1 has also previously passed WiMedia PHY and MAC certification, and US FCC and Japan TELEC regulatory certifications.

More info: Staccato Communications