EDA News – 2008.05.27 Late Edition

Verigy, Cadence Host Seminars for Improving Yield
Verigy (NASDAQ:VRGY) and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. are hosting a seminar series for semiconductor designers and manufacturers on how to improve product yield economics. This series of half-day seminars will include presentations by Cadence and Verigy representatives on technologies and techniques for yield learning.

NI TestStand 4.1 Test Management Software Supports Multicore Processor
National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) announced NI TestStand 4.1, the latest version of the company’s test management software, which now helps engineers develop faster test systems with multicore processor support.

Duolog Offers OCP-Conductor Transaction Analysis Tool to OCP-IP Members
Duolog Technologies and OCP-IP announce that Duolog will provide its OCP-Conductor Professional transaction analysis tool free of charge to members of OCP-IP. The Tool is an innovative, detailed OCP transaction viewer that enables fine-grained analysis of bus transactions.

OCP-IP Releases Part 2 of Network on Chip Benchmarking Specification
OCP-IP announced that part two of the Network On Chip (NoC) Benchmarking specification is released to member review. Part One of the NoC spec was published in March 2008. Part Two contains sections on Architecture Definition, Traffic Configuration, Measurement and the Micro-Benchmarks Set.

IPL Alliance to Host Luncheon Workshop at Design Automation Conference
The Interoperable PDK Library (IPL) Alliance announced that it will host a free luncheon workshop at the Design Automation Conference in Anaheim, California on Monday June 9, 2008. The workshop is entitled, Interoperable PDK Libraries: The Proof is In the Pudding!

OCP-IP Announces Early June Release of OCP 2.2 Revision A
OCP-IP announced the early June release of OCP 2.2 Revision A. The latest version of the specification now includes several consensus profiles. Consensus profiles provide company engineers with standardized configurations of OCP options for specific system use cases.

Cellular Modem Industry to Exceed 200 Million Units by 2013
Boosted by 3G network deployments, cellular modems are providing wireless connectivity to laptops, UMPCs and even desktop computers. 2007 data contained in a new study from ABI Research reveals that cellular modem sales increased more than 300% compared to 2006.

MathStar Shuts Down Chip Development, Systems Level Businesses
MathStar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MATH) announced it has committed to a plan to discontinue its field programmable object array (FPOA) chip development and its board-level systems development businesses. The Company decided to do so to preserve the Company’s assets while it considers strategic alternatives.

Fairchild Develops Power Supply Reference Design for 400W Ecodesign
Fairchild Semiconductor’s (NYSE: FCS) system-power experts from the Global Power Resource Center in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany have developed the industry’s first power supply reference design for 400W ecodesigns.

Timesys Offers LinuxLink Support for Atmel AT91SAM9G20 Microprocessor
Timesys Corporation announced LinuxLink support for the Atmel® AT91SAM9G20 Embedded Microprocessor. LinuxLink for the SAM9G20 leverages the increased processor performance and reduced power consumption offered by the new Atmel SAM9 platform.

XJTAG Introduces 3U PXI Boundary Scan Module
XJTAG has introduced a 3U PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) XJTAG module, which provides a high speed interface to the boundary scan chain. This new PXI card will enable users of PXI chassis to leverage XJTAG’s ability to debug, test and program complex ball grid array (BGA) populated printed circuit boards.

TEAC Selects eSOL PrFILE2 Middleware for TASCAM Solid State Recorders
eSOL announced that TEAC Corporation has selected its PrFILE (R) 2 FAT file system for their TASCAM-brand Solid State Recorders “SS-R1″ and “SS-CDR1″. Both the SS-R1 and SS-CDR1 use the CompactFlash(R) memory card as storage media to record/playback audio data.