Micrologic nanoRVInteractive Reliability Aware Design Tool

Micrologic Design Automation, Inc. recently releasd nanoRVInteractive(tm), which is an Interactive Reliability-Aware design environment for custom and semi-custom IC’s layout. nanoRVInteractive(tm) is a nanometer range EDA tool that interactively eliminates reliability issues during the construction of an integrated circuit’s physical design. nanoRVInteractive(tm) supports digital, analog and mixed-signal IC’s design style and is available in a wide variety of packages according to customer’s request.

Micrologic nanoRVInteractive Reliability Aware Design Tool

The tool automatically analyzes for reliability phenomena, including but not limited to electromigration, self heat and voltage drop (IR Drop) during the construction of IC layout, creating a Reliability-Aware mask design environment. The tool is offered under NanoToolBox(tm)(NTB) tools suite which enables a significant productivity enhancement platform within chip design cycle and is a plug-in into Cadence(R) Virtuoso(R) custom design platform.

nanoRVInteractive(tm) enables integrated circuit corporations to meet or shorten time-to-market objectives, improve nanometer designs quality, reliability and performance. Semiconductor corporations have the capability to meet or shorten time-to-market objectives, improving their design quality and performance, therefore, handling multimillion-gate designs with significant higher productivity.


  • Full coverage for electromigration (EM), self heat (SH) and IR drop interactively
  • Advanced viewing system provides real-time graphical representation of reliability problems
  • Advise mode to guide users about potential reliability problems during the construction of an IC’s mask layout database and suggested solution
  • Auto-Correct mode to automatically correct reliability issues during the construction of an IC’s layout database, maintaining process design rules
  • Flat and fully hierarchical analysis
  • Includes two (2) analysis levels.
    • Comparative – Basic analysis level provides the fundamental reliability analysis for powers and nets.
    • Comprehensive – This mode utilizes more details regarding NETS, their estimated currents and reliability information.
  • Rapid description fields provide comprehensive information about found reliability problems and suggest an applicable method for correction
  • Advanced graphical setup for easy identification of potential reliability violations
  • Full nanometer support, including deep nanometer ranges
  • Universal & fully customizable. Users can customize and personalize their analysis/correction options
  • Easy reliability analysis reports to provide a clear and immediate representation of your design reliability analysis, before and after correction
  • OpenAccess support further contributes to open interoperability and ensures ease of tool integration for customers
  • Exclusively developed for Cadence’s Virtuoso platform (Virtuoso LE/XL/GXL)
  • Exporting & importing of design parameters from related Cadence tools and environments in order to provide all necessary analysis and auto-correction information
  • Supports all design types, including digital, analog and mixed signal designs
  • The tool reads industry’s standard technology and run-sets & rule deck files (Process design rules)
  • The tool is an integral part of our NanoToolBox[tm] suite and shares the design information with all our other suite tools

More info: Micrologic nanoRVInteractive