PureDepth Multi-Layer Display

PureDepth, based in Redwood Shores CA, has developed what they call Multi-layer Display (MLD) technology. PureDepth Multi-Layer Display (MLD[TM]) technology brings real depth to display devices of any size, by layering multiple LCD screens on top of each other and removing interference with an interstitial component. The visual effect is stunning and the possibilities are open for computer monitors, televisions, location-based entertainment and mobile devices.

PureDepth Multi-Layer Display

Essentially, the idea is to build displays that are in fact two or more layers of LCD panel that share a common back-light source — as data is displayed on the various layers, a depth effect is created. Optical correlation, compatibility and interferences between display layers are managed via patented interstitial elements within the optical stack of a MLD. Each display panel receives independent control signals and, through the coordination of the images, a true multi-layer visual display is presented to the user. The content of the images, combined with smart coordination can provide remarkable and eye-catching results for static images and even more so with full in-motion video sequences.

The technology lends itself to a broad array of applications. PureDepth is currently actively developing several of these. The company has signed agreements with Samsung for development of displays and mobile handsets, and is also collaborating with SANYO on mobile handsets, gaming technology, and automobile electronics (including in-car navigation).

PureDepth expects to see first products — in gaming — hit the streets during 2008, with more products and applications to follow shortly thereafter.

More info: PureDepth