WiMAX World Call for Papers

WIMAX World 2008 has issued a call for papers. WiMAX World 2008 Conference and Expo is the world’s largest event showcasing next-generation mobile broadband and WiMAX technology solutions. WiMAX World offers business development, branding, sales, educational and networking opportunities. The event brings together people and businesses from across the WiMAX ecosystem, including component and equipment manufacturers, service providers, content and application developers, and the financial investment community to explore opportunities and barriers for WiMAX technologies. The event will take place in Chicago, Illinois from September 30 – October 2, 2008.

Track Topics and Description

  • Technology
    Designed to help technology executives and engineering managers understand the WiMAX standards, identify areas for design optimization and provide a technical roadmap for next-generation WiMAX protocols.
  • Business Models
    Business executives, marketing professionals, and the financial community will find the Business of WiMAX conference track valuable to their business strategies. By reviewing case studies of current WiMAX deployments, learn how new channels and service bundles are challenging traditional broadband and cellular models.
  • Applications & Services
    This track encourages network operators, design engineers, and the content community to examine new device categories, value-add services and how to monetize over-the-top IP services.
  • Deployment
    With the completion of recent spectrum auctions and the certification of products, WiMAX is moving from concept to reality and many trials around the world are set to move to full commercial deployment. This Track will discuss the major patterns of WiMAX roll-outs by region in terms of business models, investment levels and implementation strategies.
  • WiMAX Ecosystem
    The WiMAX Ecosystem conference track is designed to promote innovation in support of WiMAX and highlight advancements of operators and vendors working together.

If interested, submit via email your qualifications and proposed topics to Angeline Alexakos, Director of Program & Content, at aalexakos@yankeegroup.com. Speaking spots include keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions. All proposals and requests must be in by June 2, 2008 12:00 PM EDT.