MicroTCA Summit 2008

The MicroTCA Summit brings together vendors and end-users to discuss the latest practical information and trends regarding MicroTCA. The 3-day event will cover the latest topics in MicroTCA. The event will offer the latest information from leaders in the field on Real Solutions, COTS, Rugged MicroTCA, Interoperability, Power considerations, and WiMax. MicroTCA Summit 2008 will take May 28-30, 2008 at the Marriott Westfields in Chantilly, Virginia USA.


  • Introduction to MicroTCA offers a basic overview of the modular platform marketplace, requirements, system implementations, software, power and cooling, mechanicals, interconnect, and applications support.
  • CP/TA Interoperability describes interoperability challenges for AMC and MicroTCA. It covers thermal, mechanical, and electrical issues, as well as test equipment and services.
  • MicroTCA Hardware Development presents the details of implementing applications with an emphasis on modularity and high throughput. It covers mechanical, thermal, and power issues, along with methods for ruggedizing MicroTCA-based systems and sample applications in wireless broadband systems and deep packet processing.
  • MicroTCA Software Development — sponsored by Interphase – emphasizes tools needed to build applications, including embedded Linux, platform management, middleware, and integration and support. Join in on discussions of open-source software and high-availability systems.
  • RapidIO Tutorial lays out this new, high-throughput interface that is getting wide acceptance in 10 Gb, 40 Gb, and higher-speed systems. Hear about the latest devices and applications.


  • Understand the Latest MicroTCA Specifications
  • Develop Working Systems Using Best Practices
  • Get up close with MicroTCA Software — Hardware Platform Management, Embedded Linux, Virtualization, and High-Availability Middleware
  • Learn About the Latest Applications — Wireless Basestations, Packet Processing, Video Gateways, and Switches

Special Sessions

  • Lead keynote from Terry Morgan, Executive Council Vice-Chair, Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium. Hear how industry and government are coming together to create a common infrastructure for network-centric operations. Learn what you must do to make your equipment handle the requirements for this new era.
  • Keynotes from industry leaders Emerson Network Power and Intel – hear their plans and projections for 2008 and beyond
  • “State of the MicroTCA Market” presented by leading market analyst Venture Development Corporation
  • Beer, Pizza, and Chat with the Experts Session — ask your questions and explore a range of topics with those on the leading edge of communications technology
  • The “Customers Talk Back” session where implementers describe why they selected MicroTCA, how their development efforts have gone, and what they’d like to see from vendors — Thursday 8:30-10am

More info: MicroTCA Summit 2008