Silicon Logic Engineering Interlaken IP Core

Silicon Logic Engineering Inc. (SLE) recently announced the availability of a new 150Gb/s high speed Interlaken protocol IP core for use in ASIC designs. SLE’s new Interlaken IP Core is now available with more than twice the performance of the standard 60Gb/s version. This new high-speed core delivers the performance and bandwidth that new designs require, now with higher data transfer rates. The higher performance Interlaken Core is fully scalable, ideally suited for multiple generations of future network switches, routers and storage equipment. The scalability is achieved through the combination of the SERDES speed (3.125Gbps to 6.375Gbps) and a variable number of SERDES lanes (1 to 24).

Designed and tested to be easily synthesizable into any ASIC technology, SLE’s Interlaken IP Core was built to work with off-the-shelf SERDES from most leading technology vendors. Using the vendor specific proven SERDES allows SLE customers to quickly integrate the Interlaken IP Core into the customer’s technology of choice.

SLE has shipped the new 150Gb/s core and customers reported that the IP delivers the highest data transfer rates available on the market today.

More info: Silicon Logic Engineering