EDA News – 2008.05.05

Microchip Introduces MPLAB Starter Kit for Serial Memory Products
Microchip Technology Inc. announced the MPLAB® Starter Kit for Serial Memory Products (Part # DV243003). Featuring a compact design, the high-speed, easy-to-use kit supports all of Microchip’s serial EEPROM devices.

Lattice Semiconductor Announces ispLEVER 7.1 FPGA Design Tool Suite
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) announced the immediate availability of its ispLEVER 7.1 FPGA design tool suite. The new tool release delivers a number of new functional and performance-enhancing features, including the industry’s first dedicated FPGA Simultaneous Switching Output (SSO) Analyzer.

QinetiQ Selects RF Engines for 3D Imaging LIDAR System
RF Engines Ltd (RFEL) have recently completed the design and supply of prototype hardware and firmware for a novel QinetiQ 3D imaging LIDAR system. LIDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging, and is an optical technique for measuring distance, speed, movement and other parameters of a distant object.

RedMere Selects Sarnoff TakeCharge 8kV-HBM ESD Protection Solution
Sarnoff Europe and RedMere Technology announced the successful implementation of Sarnoff’s on-chip electro-static discharge (ESD) protection solution in RedMere’s signal processing technology targeted at high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) applications.

Quantum3D Debuts Sentiris 5140 Graphics Accelerator XMC Mezzanine Card
Quantum3D, Inc. introduced the Sentiris 5140 XMC mezzanine card. This product is the newest member of the Sentiris family of COTS graphics modules, which is designed for use in general computing applications as well as air, ground and maritime vehicles.

Microchip Unveils UNI/O Serial EEPROM Family with Single I/O Bus
Microchip Technology Inc. announced a new 10-member family of serial EEPROM devices with a single I/O bus interface. The devices are based upon Microchip’s patented UNI/O(tm) memory-device protocol (refer to USPTO patent number 7,376,020; to be issued on May 20, 2008).

Pentek Introduces Model 7151 Highest-Density Software Radio PMC
Pentek, Inc., with its proven track record as a pioneer in software radio innovation, introduced its Model 7151 high-performance, high-resolution software radio module. Four 200 MHz 16-bit A/D converters feed a proprietary FPGA IP core that delivers 256 channels of digital down conversion.

Mercury Computer Debuts PowerBlock 50 Ultra Compact Embedded System
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) unveiled its smallest embedded system at an exclusive event in conjunction with the Critical Embedded Systems (CES) MediaFest 2008, which commences at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas in Scottsdale, AZ.

GE Fanuc Rolls Out VPXcel3 SBC320 3U VPX Single Board Computer
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced at Critical Embedded Systems (Phoenix, AZ – May 4-6) the VPXcel3 SBC320 – the first 3U VPX single board computer to feature Core(tm)2 Duo processing technology combined with a server class memory controller.

AdvancedIO Systems Introduces V1120 Rugged Dual Channel 10-GbE XMC
AdvancedIO® Systems announced the V1120, a dual-channel 10-GbE and the first member of the V1100 family, the industry’s first conduction-cooled XMC products for 10GbE connectivity and packet processing.

Stratix III FPGAs Support Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface
Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) announced its Stratix® III FPGAs support Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface (SGMII) on its LVDS I/Os. Stratix III LVDS I/Os support triple-speed Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) interfaces without transceivers.

VMETRO Selects Tundra Tsi578 Serial RapidIO Switch
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX: TUN) announces that VMETRO has selected Tundra’s Tsi578(tm) Serial RapidIO® Switch for its new Quad-Core Processing Engine and Single Board Computer. VMETRO recently launched two new 6U VPX-REDI offerings.