iWOW M2M Open Protocol

The iWOW M2M Open Protocol (iMOP) is an event-driven software engine that offers developers a simpler and easier way to automate the communication of data in Machine-To-Machine (M2M) applications. Embedded atop iWOW’s TR-800 GSM/GPRS modules, iMOP is specially designed to suit the requirements for applications such as remote monitoring, fleet management and asset tracking.

iMOP aims to replace programming efforts to trigger data sending with user-friendly configurations for wireless reporting, controlling and monitoring. The software stack eliminates the need for external microcontroller to control the data sending; instead it relies on the more user-friendly AT commands to invoke a basic response during predefined events. Profiles of these events and actions can be defined and edited easily over-the-air through SMS, TCP/IP GPRS and CSD or directly via the serial port.

iMOP can be configured to send periodic reports, providing real time information and enabling enterprise managers to make decisions that reduce risks and improve their business processes. An alert in the form of SMS or data packet (via TCP socket or CSD) will be sent when a user-defined event occurs. For example, an alert will be sent to the fleet manager when a vehicle has moved out of its predefined area. iMOP also enables remote controlling by executing commands and queries from authenticated incoming SMS and TCP Socket.

The flexibility and ease-of-use of iMOP enables companies to rapidly develop M2M applications without any additional investment on hardware or dependence on other complex programming processes. With iMOP, iWOW’s customers stand to benefit from the enhanced features, as well as considerable cost savings and efficiency in the development of their M2M applications.

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