EEMBC Hypervisor Benchmark Suite

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has formed a workgroup to develop a new hypervisor benchmark suite that will measure the contribution of hypervisors, also known as virtual machine managers, to performance, code size, and energy consumption in a wide range of embedded systems. EEMBC welcomes inquiries from companies that are interested in contributing to the development of its hypervisor benchmarks by becoming a member of the EEMBC Board of Directors or its hypervisor subcommittee.

A hypervisor is a program that allows multiple operating systems or execution environments to run simultaneously on a single embedded processor. A hypervisor guarantees complete isolation between the virtual machines (VMs) running above it, as well as between itself and those same VMs. In a multicore environment, a hypervisor can also distribute the operating systems and applications across multiple cores. The benefits of using a hypervisor as a virtualization platform include better load balancing and lower power consumption, by virtue of migrating processes dynamically to underutilized cores, and greater uptime through background firmware updates and redundant OS imaging.

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