EDA News – 2008.04.18

Telelogic to Showcase UML Modeling Tools at Embedded Masterclass
Telelogic will be presenting their UML modelling tools at the technology developer’s event, the Embedded Masterclass. Telelogic will be presenting an introduction to the ‘UML 2 Testing Profile’, and its practical application for the testing of embedded software applications.

Innovation First, Charmed Labs Team on Qwerk VEX Microcontroller
Innovation First, Inc. (IFI) will team with Charmed Labs to be the exclusive licensee and producer of the Qwerk Robot Controller. Innovation First will enhance the Qwerk controller to be fully compatible with the company’s popular VEX Educational Robotics platform.

Legend Silicon Rolls Out LGS-8G52 DTV Demodulator Chip for China
Legend Silicon Corp. recently announced a new, all-mode DTV demodulator chip for China’s latest DTV standards. This chip, a 3rd generation all-mode product, becomes the most functional and complete all-mode chip currently on the market.

American Portwell Joins Small Form Factor Special Interest Group
American Portwell Technology, Inc. has joined the Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG), an industry collaboration of board, system, and component manufacturers devoted to reducing the size and power consumption by using advanced technologies.

GrammaTech Receives DARPA Contract for Static Analysis Technology
GrammaTech, Inc. announced that it has been awarded a DARPA contract to develop static-analysis technology for examining multi-core systems. The new technology focuses on identifying concurrent programming defects, which are notoriously difficult to identify and manually debug.

Zensys Selects Kilopass XPM Embedded Memory for Remote Home Control
Kilopass Technology announced that Zensys, the developer of the Z-Wave wireless home control standard, has selected the Kilopass XPM one-time programmable embedded memory technology for its broadband wireless remote home control applications. Zensys is using XPM memory to store network and application data.