Synopsys Eclypse Low Power Solution

Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) recently announced the Eclypse(tm) Low Power Solution, the industry’s most comprehensive suite of proven system-level, verification, implementation and signoff tools, intellectual property (IP), methodologies and services for low power chip development. The Eclypse Low Power Solution simplifies advanced low power design and verification by combining and automating a wide array of advanced techniques, methodologies, and standards. As a result, the Eclypse solution enables design teams to adopt advanced low power techniques while boosting productivity, reducing risk and ultimately delivering high quality silicon in an effort to meet or beat power, area, speed and yield objectives.

The Eclypse Low Power Solution delivers several new, advanced low power technologies. Enhanced clock gating and low power clock-tree synthesis allow designers to optimize their clock structures for low power while also achieving required skew and timing goals. Advanced multi-threshold leakage optimization, which constrains the ratio of Vt, options utilized, provides optimal leakage power recovery independent of a design’s process corners. Enhanced automation for power switch insertion and optimization enables power planning exploration and “what-if” analysis using IR drop and area constraints.

The Eclypse solution supports the industry-standard Unified Power Format (UPF) language, which is used to capture low power design requirements. The following UPF-enabled tools are included: MVRC(tm) and VCS® with MVSIM(tm), key components of the Discovery(tm) Verification Platform, and Design Compiler®, Power Compiler(tm), IC Compiler(tm), DFT MAX(tm), Formality®, and PrimeTime®, key components of the Galaxy(tm) Design Platform. Completing the solution are additional tools for low power design, including Innovator(tm), HSPICE®, HSIM®, NanoSim®, TetraMAX®, and PrimeRail(tm), as well as DesignWare® IP and Synopsys Professional Services. The Eclypse solution supports open methodologies, including those described in the “Low Power Methodology Manual” (LPMM), co-authored by Synopsys and ARM.

The Eclypse Low Power Solution with UPF support is available today. Pricing is based on configuration.

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