MicroTCA Summit 2008

MicroTCA Summit 2008 features the newest products and latest updates on MicroTCA, the low-cost backplane “spec” that, will revolutionize the embedded space, handling the latest processors, the newest interfaces, and the most demanding high-availability applications. The three-day program delivers the latest news about making MicroTCA work in extreme environments and about designing for low-power. The event takes place May 28-30, 2008 at the Marriott Westfields in Chantilly, Virginia (USA).

MicroTCA Summit 2008 Highlights

  • Learn what you need to know at half-day tutorials on Introduction to MicroTCA, MicroTCA Hardware Development, and MicroTCA Software Development
  • Hear The Customers Talk Back in a special session with leading MicroTCA user organizations
  • Ask questions one-on-one with experts at Beer, Pizza, and Chat with the Experts … embedded Linux, ruggedization, hardware design, interoperability, COTS ecosystem, and more
  • Get the latest research on AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA at the Market Research Session – from Venture Development (VDC)
  • Join in panel discussions and roundtables: MicroTCA Report Card session and the Top Ten Things You Need to Know about MicroTCA Today
  • Check out the multi-vendor interoperability demo in the Exhibit Hall

Hear the latest from leaders in the field including Emerson Network Power, RadiSys, Kontron, GE Fanuc, Wind River, Enea, CorEdge Networks, Service Availability Forum, CP-TA, Schroff, and many others who will help you understand how to:

  • Select the appropriate boards, components, and software for your project
  • Use MicroTCA in a wide range of applications
  • Implement MicroTCA system development
  • Handle cost, power, and space constraints
  • Specify best practices for hardware and software development

More info: MicroTCA Summit 2008