Using Middleware to Simplify Integration of Real-time Embedded Systems

PrismTech(tm) is offering a webcast on high-end middleware solutions. The webcast is free and intended for managers, architects, and technologists responsible for data-centric applications and/or the distributed systems they run on. “Using Ultra-efficient Middleware to Simplify the Integration of Real-time Embedded Systems” webcast will be presented on April 10th.

Real-time and embedded systems domains such as automotive, avionics, consumer electronics, software defined radio, robotics, test equipment, industrial control, and gaming often rely on the performance attributes that only a CORBA®-based middleware implementation can provide. The webcast will provide insights into the significant technical and commercial benefits of using a high performance CORBA-based middleware solution to address integration problems within real-time embedded systems that have traditionally been addressed by developing custom interfaces and proprietary solutions.

The webcast will discuss the significant technical and commercial benefits that developers can realize by utilizing OpenFusion CORBA in real-time and embedded systems domains. New and existing real-time and embedded systems run their application logic on a range of form factors, including General Purpose Processors (GPPs), Digital Signal Processors (DSP), and Field Programmable Processor (FPGA) devices. These real-time and embedded architectures face integration problems that have traditionally been addressed by developing custom interfaces to provide communication paths between different pieces of application logic hosted on each processor or set of processors. To support these types of systems, PrismTech has developed a suite of integrated, high-speed, low footprint, multi-language (C++/C, Java, Real-time Java(TM), and Ada), multi-OS, and standards-based middleware products based on our advanced OpenFusion CORBA technology that can significantly improve the efficiency of developing and maintaining real-time and embedded systems.

More info: PrismTech Middleware Webcast