NXP GNS7560 Assisted-GPS Chip

NXP’s GNS7560 is a single-chip, Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) solution, designed for use in both mobile phones and standalone personal navigation devices (PNDs). Built on an advanced architecture, NXP’s GNS7560 is the industry’s smallest, lowest power, lowest system cost GPS solution. The standalone GNS7560 A-GPS solution is sampling now.

NXP has also integrated this best-in-class GPS technology into its existing Nexperia Cellular System Solution 7210 for 3G. This integration accelerates overall ease of use, system performance, time to market and cost effectiveness for mobile handset OEMs wanting to integrate powerful GPS capabilities in support of today’s growing trend toward location-based services on mobile phones.

The NXP GNS7560 is implemented on a 90 nanometer (nm) architecture and features a high performance CMOS RF front end plus correlator engine to significantly reduce system cost and power. Advanced power management modes reduce power consumption to less than 13mW for one-second map updates – beyond any alternative GPS solution on the market today. With a package size of less than 9 mm2, the GNS7560 is the smallest GPS chip available, and when integrated with NXP’s Cellular System Solution 7210, also provides the smallest overall solution.

Unlike other GPS solutions, the GNS7560 automatically alters sensitivity and tracking based on signal strength, multipath and velocity, delivering first-rate acquisition and tracking sensitivity, Time to First Fix (TTFF) and accuracy to ensure deep-indoor sensitivity and reliable coverage even in dense metropolitan areas known as “urban canyons.” The host software for the product is structured for easy OS integration with Microsoft Windows® CE, Windows Mobile® and Linux standard drivers, as well as a variety of real-time kernels in support of today’s Smartphone designs.

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