Azingo Open Mobile Linux Solution

Azingo (formerly Celunite) recetnly announced an open mobile Linux solution for mobile phones and advanced mobile devices. The solution is based on the Samsung application processor S3C2442 and Azingo Mobile, Azingo’s comprehensive mobile Linux platform software. The combined Azingo-Samsung offering enables handset manufacturers to fully exploit the latest user interface and web-enabled application innovations, while significantly lowering handset costs and shortening product development cycles. The Azingo-Samsung mobile solution is based on LiMo Foundation software, providing greater application and services interoperability for handset manufacturers and software developers.

The Azingo-Samsung platform uses Samsung’s low-power and high performance S3C2442 application processor with an ARM9 CPU, along with a full set of on- board peripherals designed to reduce system cost. Azingo delivers Azingo Mobile, a complete platform that includes a world-class mobile applications suite, advanced and comprehensive mobile middleware frameworks, a mobile-optimized Linux kernel and an open source-based software development environment with tools to develop rich user applications for mobile devices. Supporting a highly configurable user interface, the Azingo platform offers handset manufacturers and operators the ability to create numerous unique mobile products to target diverse market segments from a single software code base.

More info: Azingo