NightStar LX Tools for Ubuntu Linux

Concurrent (NASDAQ:CCUR) recently release of a new version of its NightStar(tm) LX debugging and analysis tools for Ubuntu Linux editions. NightStar is a powerful, integrated GUI tool set for developing and tuning time-critical applications on x86-based platforms. NightStar’s advanced debugging features enable system builders to solve difficult problems quickly. NightStar LX tools packages range from to $495 to $995. NightStar for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux is available for immediate trial download and purchase. NightStar is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit x86 platforms.

Concurrent NightStar LX Tools for Ubuntu Linux

The NightStar LX suite includes four tools: the NightView(tm) source-level debugger, the NightTrace(tm) event analyzer, the NightProbe(tm) data monitor, and the NightTune(tm) system and application tuner. With this new release, NightStar LX now supports platforms running Ubuntu desktop and server editions in addition to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux and Novell® SUSE® Linux versions. Ubuntu is a desktop-oriented distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. Ubuntu offers an up-to-date yet stable operating system, and features a strong focus on user-friendliness, regular releases and ease of installation.

NightStar LX Features

  • Deterministic debugging, monitoring, tracing and tuning
  • Ideal for time-critical applications
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Support for any mix of GNU and Intel C/C++ and Fortran tasks
  • Self-hosted or remote target system operation
  • Comprehensive on-line help facilities

NightStar tools run with minimal intrusion, thus preserving application execution behavior and determinism. Users can quickly and easily debug, monitor, analyze and tune multi-threaded and parallel C, C++ or Fortran applications in real-time. An interactive memory debugger helps find and eliminate memory problems during the debug process without code recompilation.

The NightView debugger offers many features not available in the gnu debugger. Users can debug multiple processes from a single session and processes started from scripts. While a process is executing, hot patching can modify variables or add eventpoints. Monitor points can dynamically display expressions and variables.

NightStar is especially valuable in cases where the act of debugging may change an application’s behavior. NightStar gives true visibility into a running application providing a synchronized, time-based view of events, states, data values and resource usage. The NightTrace analyzer allows users to display application behavior and performance, and understand how threads interact with each other.

NightStar LX features a Qt-based GUI with modern rendering, shading and option control that makes it flexible and easy to use on multi-core environments. NightStar LX allows individual tool panels to be moved and resized so users can conveniently customize their debugging displays.

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