EDA News – 2008.03.11

IMEC Introduces Variability Aware Modeling Flow for Sub-45nm
IMEC reports a variability-aware modeling (VAM) flow that analyzes process variability of sub-45nm technologies which enables designers to optimize their system design for timing, energy and yield versus expected application load.

Synopsys Announces HSPICE Integrator Program
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, launched its HSPICE® Integrator Program to further promote integration between Synopsys’ HSPICE simulation solution and other electronic design automation (EDA) products.

ARC Energy PRO Cores Reduce Power Consumption by 75%
ARC International (LSE:ARK) introduced a new family of licensable, 32-bit configurable cores that will further extend its leadership in low power processing. The Energy PRO family is aimed at the portable and embedded microcontroller markets.

IMEC Announces CleanC Programming for Multiprocessor SoC Design
IMEC introduces a new programming style for C code called CleanC that substantially increases the parallelization and optimization potential for multiprocessor targets. The CleanC adherence analysis plug-ins are freely available through Eclipse.

Savant Ports End-Point Security Solution to Android Mobile Platform
Savant Protection, Inc., announced that its award winning Savant end-point security solution has been successfully ported to Android providing optimum security against cyber-security threats for the much anticipated mobile operating system.

Pulsic Introduces Unity 2008.1 for Complex Custom Designs
Pulsic Limited, the leading software company in custom design automation for memory, announced the release of Unity 2008.1, to address the newly developing custom design automation market and a significant step in the evolution of Pulsic’s comprehensive flagship tool for custom-digital, mixed-signal and analog design.

Logic Supply Rolls Out Emphase WDT-01 Watchdog Timer Module
Logic Supply, a leading provider of Mini-ITX and small form factor system solutions, announces the arrival of the Emphase WDT-01 Watchdog Timer Module. The WDT-01 serves as a reliable defense mechanism against hardware and software failures.

ARC Develops Sonic Focus Ready Audio Subsystem
ARC International (LSE:ARK) introduced the newest addition to its ARC® Sound Subsystem family, the ARC Sound 210E. This fully programmable, licensable solution enables system-on-chip (SoC) designers to build devices that achieve high-quality audio using a very low power budget.

Europractice IC Service Adds MEMS to Multi-Project Wafer Programs
Tronics Microsystems SA, a leading global manufacturer of custom MEMS components for demanding applications, and IMEC, representing Europractice IC Service, announced their collaboration to enable Europractice IC Service to add MEMS to its Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) programs.

Tessera Develops OptiML UFL Technology for Camera Phone Modules
Tessera Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSRA), a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, announced that the company’s OptiML(tm) UFL solution is now available for licensing.

Samsung EM HD Radio Chipset Features Tensilica Xtensa Processor
Tensilica,(R) Inc. announced that its Xtensa(R) configurable processor has been designed into the baseband processor in Samsung EM’s HD Radio(TM) chipset. The baseband processor is based on a design by iBiquity Digital Corporation.

Synplicity Announces New Confirma Verification Platform Features
Synplicity Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of solutions for the design and verification of semiconductors, revealed new product capabilities, widespread customer adoption and exploding demand for its Confirma(tm) ASIC/ASSP Verification Platform.