MagnaChip MC515ER High Definition CMOS Image Sensor

The MC515ER, from MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd., is high-definition (HD) ready raw bayer output CMOS image sensor. The MC515ER is a 1.3 megapixel SXGA (1280×1024) resolution raw Bayer output image sensor leveraging an advanced low noise pixel process implemented in MagnaChip’s 0.13um CIS process technology. The high quantum efficiency and low read noise enable a Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) that is over 15 dB better than the performance available for typical sensors in the market today. Packaged samples are available. The MC515ER will be in mass production in the first half of 2008. MagnaChip has a complete suite of demonstration systems and reference designs to support end product development.

The MC515ER supports an ITU-R BT.656 parallel video interface with MagnaChip’s specialized low EMI technology. The device also supports a SMIA compatible CCP2 video interface. The device is programmable through a two-wire camera control interface (CCI) and supports on-chip frequency synthesizer, on-chip horizontal and vertical digital binning and automatic black level calibration. The MC515ER goes beyond standard Bayer RGB devices by offering on chip pixel correction and advanced de-noising. These sophisticated signal processing blocks enhance image sensor performance and ease system integration. The MC515ER requires minimal external components and is optimized for low power consumption. The device can operate from a single 2.8V power supply or a dual 2.8 and 1.8V. A wide range of voltages are supported for digital I/O.

The 30 frames per second (fps) operation combined with very high SNR performance is well-suited for PC cameras, HD video capture devices, and performance oriented surveillance applications. As the image quality requirements for the handset camera phone market continue to increase, OEMs can use this product to reduce motion artifacts, increase operating scene range, and improve overall perceived picture quality.

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