NXP Nexperia PNX4902 for Ultra Low Cost Handsets

The PNX4902 is NXP Semiconductors’ latest Nexperia single chip solution for Ultra Low-Cost (ULC) handsets. This solution enables a new generation of high-quality, feature-packed cellphones at an ultra-low cost point. The Nexperia Single Chip PNX4902 ULC solution for GSM/GPRS solution, with enhanced multimedia and connectivity, will be sampling in Q1 2008 and will enter mass production in Q4 2008.

New PNX4902 Features

  • Tri-band capability (850/900, 1800, 1900) for global coverage
  • Bluetooth connectivity support
  • High-performance 8O driver for speakerphone functionality, without the need for an external IC or components, further lowering bill of materials cost
  • Extensive support for peripherals, including touchscreen interface and camera (using external co-processor)

Other key attributes of PNX4902 are its best-in-class RF performance and the industry’s lowest power consumption. PNX4902 is based on NXP’s Aero transceiver technology and delivers robust RF performance across commonly encountered stress conditions in the field, such as extreme temperature changes and declining battery voltage. Excellent call quality is maintained in both congested, urban environments and in remote areas with sparse network coverage. Features such as SAIC further boost an operator’s network capacity. With a small, inexpensive 600mAh battery, NX4902 can achieve a talk time of 5 hours and standby time of 420 hours.

Key PNX4902 Features

  • Digital and analog basebands, RF transceiver, power management and audio codec (including high-performance 8O driver) integrated on a single, monolithic CMOS IC, resulting in industry-lowest bill-of-materials cost for a given feature set
  • Triband support (850/900, 1800, 1900) for global coverage
  • ARM926EJ-STM with Java-Jazelle hardware acceleration
  • GPRS data capability (Classes 1-10), WAP browsing, MMS
  • 40 voice polyphonic MIDI and MP3 ringtones
  • SD/MMC card support for mass storage
  • Bluetooth and FM tuner connectivity
  • Speaker phone noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Selectable audio modes – wideband audio (40-kS/s) and speech (8kS/s)
  • Robust hardware security blocks for implementing SIM lock, flash lock
  • Mature and proven R99 telecom stack, field-tested in 36 networks, on 4 continents
  • Single antenna interference cancellation (SAIC) for increased network capacity
  • Best-in-class RF performance and power consumption

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