EDA News – 2008.02.28 Late Edition

Magma Design Automation Acquires Sabio Labs
Magma® Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design solutions, announced it has acquired Sabio Labs, a provider of state-of-the-art analog IP process migration technology. Sabio Labs technology will be incorporated into the Titan(tm) Mixed-Signal Design Platform.

Visant Strategies Publishes Report on WiMAX
Sprint’s challenging mobile WiMAX build out and rumors of a potential investment by Intel into the network are signs suggesting DSL/cable replacement and not mobility will continue to propel WiMAX forward in the short term, according to Visant Strategies.

Electronics.ca Publishes Report on Automotive Semiconductors
Electronics.ca Publications, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the availability of a new report entitled “2008 Automotive Semiconductors.”

Magma Unveils Titan for, Mixed-Signal Design, Analysis, Verification
Magma Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA) announced Titan(tm), the first full-chip mixed-signal design, analysis and verification platform. Unlike other design solutions, Titan tightly integrates mixed-signal implementation with digital implementation, circuit simulation, transistor-level extraction and verification.

Interface Masters Debuts Niagara 2297 Intelligent External Network Bypass
Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions, announced the first of its new class of Intelligent External Network Bypass systems for the In-line Network Appliance market that will be showcased at CeBIT 2008.

Elma Bustronic Develops Next Gen AdvancedTCA Backplanes
Elma Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes, has developed new 2nd generation AdvancedTCA (ATCA) backplanes. The new ATCA backplanes have routing implemented for radial Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) signals.