VDC Embedded Software Test Automation Tools Report

According to Venture Development Corporation (VDC), the demand for static analysis tools will drive growth within the market for test automation tools used in the development of embedded software. Increasing device and project complexity, the geographic distribution of development teams, and the growing costs to OEMs from product recalls will continue to justify investment in automated testing technologies. Although dynamic test tools have traditionally generated the majority of revenue associated with the embedded test automation tool market, VDC expects revenue from static analysis tools to grow at more than three times the rate of dynamic test tool revenue. While the market for dynamic testing tools is still predicted to grow through 2009, VDC believes that much of this growth in dynamic test revenue will result from sales of solutions offer both static and dynamic functionality.

In addition, the majority of automated test tool use has occurred within industries typically associated with safety- or mission-critical requirements. According to a VDC report, the continued introduction and evolution of software development standards, such as MISRA and DO-178B, within these verticals will increasingly drive OEMs toward static analysis technologies as a means to ensure coding compliance.

In order to combat similar pressures, VDC expects participants from non-safety-critical vertical markets (i.e., consumer electronics, mobile phones, etc.) will increasingly adopt automated testing technology. In addition, many of these vendors will likely look toward the best practices and standards already established in the safety-critical markets to give guidance to their own adoption of test automation tools.

Embedded Software Test Automation Tools Pie Charts

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