GSA IPecosystem Tool Suite 4.0

Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) recently released IPecosystem (IPe) Tool Suite Version 4.0, which addresses the risk factors and risk assessments of intellectual property (IP) integration. Version 4.0 includes the Hard IP Licensing Risk Assessment Tool, in addition to the Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool previously released. The IPecosystem Licensing Tool Version 4.0 is available complimentary to the industry.

The IPe Tool Suite enables more efficient communication between IP vendors, integrators and foundries for IP interaction. The Tool Suite creates efficiencies and lowers risk by reducing the time spent collecting and communicating the information required to purchase, integrate and utilize IP.

The Licensing Tool is the second Tool within the Suite. It focuses on assessing the licensing risk an integrator is willing to accept before making a determination regarding the acquisition of the desired IP. The Tool provides a set of questions determining best practices for semiconductor companies, regardless of expertise in the licensing process.

The Licensing Tool functions similarly to the Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool, by providing a benchmark set of questions that cover the major areas of IP licensing and acquisition, including scope of license, payment, warranty, limitation of liability, indemnity, governing law, confidentiality, term and termination.

Key Benefits

  • Shortening the licensing time period by creating more efficient communication and fact finding for IP purchasers
  • Allowing integrators to identify risk factors in a systematic approach
  • Determining the level of risk that is acceptable for each individual integrator
  • Providing a qualitative, yet effective, method for risk assessment

More info: GSA