EDA News – 2008.02.13 Late Edition

WiMAX Forum Makes Aeroflex/AT4 Official Test Systems for Certification
WiMAX Forum® has designated the Aeroflex/AT4 wireless MINT223x protocol conformance test (PCT) system and AT4 wireless MINT T2110 radio conformance test (RCT) system as official test equipment for WiMAX Certification (802.16-2005).

TDK Debuts Inverter Transformers for Liquid Crystal Display Backlights
TDK Corporation has developed and started mass production of the IVT Series of high-voltage transformers for inverters used in liquid crystal display backlights. Demand for liquid crystal displays used in electronic devices such as car navigation systems and notebook personal computers has grown rapidly.

Ethernity Rolls Out ENET4000 FPGA Access Flow Processor for PON OLT
Ethernity Networks Ltd announced the PON OLT line card on a chip program, an effort designed to help system and semiconductor vendors to come up with a single chip solution for the entire PON OLT line card solution. The ENET architecture enables the support of a full PON OLT line card solution on a single FPGA.

American Portwell Debuts NAD-2075-414 Appliance for Edge Networks
American Portwell Technology, Inc. announces NAD-2075-414, a cost-effective desktop communications appliance for edge network applications. The new NAD-2075-414 uses VIA Technologies’ ultra-low voltage Eden 500 MHz processor, a VIA chipset, CN700 north bridge and VT823R south bridge.

Kontron Launches OM5080 Carrier-grade MicroTCA Integrated Platform
Kontron revealed the Kontron OM5080, a MicroTCA integrated platform that supports up to 8 AdvancedMC modules. Kontron’s latest open modular solution is ideal for telecom equipment manufacturers who need to design redundant systems without any single point of failure for edge and access applications.

Gleichmann Announce NEC 2.4 GHz HF Switches, Power Amplifiers
Gleichmann Electronics offers new 2.4 GHz HF switches and power amplifiers from NEC Electronics. The devices were designed specially for use in Bluetooth, ZigBee, ISM, wireless USB and WLAN applications and include the world’s smallest dual control switch with dimensions of only 1 x 1 x 0.37 mm.

Kontron Showcases OM9020 2U Integrated AdvancedTCA Platform
Kontron showcased at Mobile World Congress the Kontron OM9020, an AdvancedTCA 10GbE integrated platform that elegantly resolves the price versus performance concerns of telecom equipment manufacturers who need to design non-redundant systems for edge and access applications.

Becker Marine Integrates Sierra Wireless Embedded Modules with umc.global
Becker Marine Systems has integrated the Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR – TSX: SW) MC8780 and the MC5725 embedded modules into its umc.connect communication server, which provides a critical link for mariners worldwide who stay in touch using the Becker Marine Systems Communication umc.global network.