Renesas HEW Target Server Design Contest

Renesas is holding a design contest for its HEW Target Server. The HEW Target Server, a Windows® COM object, provides an interface from Microsoft Visual Studio into HEW, the powerful, easy-to-use Renesas development environment for embedded systems. It lets you control HEW or a target platform through standard Renesas debugger interfaces. With just a little programming, you can implement a Windows interface to your board (design) or to the HEW IDE. With HTS, you can build a virtual control panel, create a MicroTerminal, and implement a myriad of other ideas.

Windows program operates a motor controller

To enter the design contest, you need to design a Windows® application using the HEW Target Server. The application can be anything (such as a helper tool or automation program) and hardware design isn’t required. Winners of the contest will receive cash prizes, with over $15,000 to be awarded as follows:

  • First prize: $5,000 and a trip to the October 2008 Renesas Developers Conference in San Diego, California
  • Second prize: $3,000
  • Third prize: $2,000
  • Five Honorable Mention prizes: $1,000

In addition, if qualified, you can receive a free demo kit designed specifically for HTS. The limited-edition HEW Target Server Demonstration kit was created for the HEW Target Server Design Contest 2008. The kit provides HTS examples for both target MCU and Windows. All Windows code comes in both C++ and VisualBasic. To help get you started, copies of Microsoft’s VisualStudio Express for C++ and VisualBasic are included. The HEW Target Server Demonstration kit contains:

  • Target board with M16C/26A MCU, 1MB EEPROM, audio amp and jack, built-in debug circuitry, and user interface
  • HEW 4.1 (development IDE) with HEW Target Server Technology
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD with HEW Target Server examples
  • Microsoft VisualStudio Express C++ edition CD
  • Microsoft VisualStudio Express VB edition CD
  • USB Cable

The contest is open to participants over 18 years of age. The deadline for entries is July 4, 2008.

More info: HEW Target Server Design Contest 2008