Consumer Navigation Devices and Systems

ABI Research
According to a new study from ABI Research, personal navigation device (PND) is the main force driving the consumer navigation market. PNDs offer ease of use, features, portability, and affordability. PND markets will continue to grow strongly to reach a global sales volume of more than 100 million units by 2011. Dedicated PNDs will remain the preferred form factor for use in the car but will be complemented by handset-based systems for pedestrian navigation and new use cases such as outdoors. New form factors such as portable media players, ultra mobile PCs, Internet tablets and mobile Internet devices will also appear.

Connected navigation will become standard on handsets, PNDs, and OEM systems as the availability of real-time traffic information and up-to-date map content becomes a key requirement. New opportunities for the use of traffic probe data will emerge. Europe is currently the leading navigation market, but strong growth is expected in developing countries such as China and India. By 2012 more navigation systems will ship in Asia-Pacific than in any other region.

The high levels of competition and price pressure will result in continued consolidation and vertical integration, as evidenced by the acquisition of the two main digital map providers, NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas. An important driver for consolidation is the need to aggregate user communities under strong brands to take advantage of the potential of user-generated map and POI (point of interest) content. Navigation vendors are looking to differentiate their offers by adding speech technology, multimedia features and 3D map content, and by targeting specific segments.

ABI Research’s report, Consumer Navigation Devices and Systems, answers the following questions:

  • Who are the main players in the navigation ecosystem?
  • Which navigation form factors will be successful in which region?
  • How many navigation units will ship in the next five years?
  • What will be the revenue generated by navigation devices in the next five years?
  • How will the navigation value chain evolve in the future?
  • What are the key success factors for navigation vendors?

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