OKI’s Wafer Level Chip Sized Package Service

Oki Electric Industry recently started a contract assembly service for W-CSP (Wafer level Chip Sized Package) semiconductors using through-hole technology. With this new service, sensor and camera module manufacturers can now obtain camera modules that are half the size of conventional modules. Oki plans to increase the production level to 10,000 wafers per month within the fiscal year ending March 2009 and are considering increasing up to 20,000 wafers per month by the fiscal year ending March 2010.

In order to miniaturize a camera module, it is necessary to miniaturize the image sensor in the camera module. OKI’s new W-CSP technology includes creating a through-hole in the silicon substrate such as an image sensor, and putting an electrode through the hole. By using this technology on the image sensor, users can eliminate wire bonding for camera modules and thus, reduce the size. OKI also adopts a low-profile cover glass on the image sensor, enabling manufacturers to make a module thinner than conventional ones.

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