White Paper: CPIQ Initiative Phase 1

The International Imaging Industry Association (I3A) recently published their Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Initiative Phase 1 white paper. The white paper is free. The white paper, entitled “Fundamentals and review of considered test methods,” contains an evaluation of existing best practices and industry standards and identifies key measures/metrics in each of several critical CPIQ areas. The camera phone photospace is described and an initial subjective evaluation method for CPIQ is discussed.

I3A’s CPIQ Initiative has been working to remove poor image quality as the top barrier to the utilization and enjoyment of camera phones by consumers. The group’s objective is to produce a complete set of image quality testing metrics and methodologies, enabling a consumer-oriented image quality rating system. I3A’s CPIQ Initiative is made up of key players in the mobile imaging industry.

In Phase 2, the Initiative will drilling down into the metrics associated with image quality — both subjective and objective — to develop repeatable, robust, test methods for evaluating these metrics. Work will focus on developing and validating test methods for the metrics that have direct impact on image quality performance, along with a preliminary consumer-oriented rating system that will enable clear communication about image quality from vendors to consumers.

More info: CPIQ Initiative Phase 1 White Paper (pdf) | I3A