Webcast: When Should a Mechanical System Compute?

Freescale Semiconductor has an on-demand webcast entitled, “Microcontroller Choices and Answers: When Should a Mechanical System Compute?”

The webinar will cover:

  • The benefits of an embedded processor and software in a mechanical system
  • When a purely mechanical system design is sufficient and/or superior
  • When discrete electronics would be sufficient vs. a microprocessor
  • How to decide if a part of your system design should be in electronics


Mechanical systems interact with the world around them in various ways. Some mechanical systems benefit by the inclusion of a microprocessor and related electronics – making them mechatronic systems. But not all mechanical systems need to compute. Join our experienced panelists for a rousing discussion of these and related issues, so you can make smarter system design decisions.

More info: When Should a Mechanical System Compute?