Generic BIOS Firmware Support for HTX

American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) eliminated the need to develop custom BIOS solutions by incorporating generic BIOS and firmware support for HTX-enabled products into their BIOS platforms serving next-generation AMD processors. AMI, a high-level member of the HyperTransport Consortium, has included the HTX BIOS extensions in its AMIBIOS®8 and Aptio® firmware.

HTX, a HyperTransport-based connector specification standardized by the HyperTransport Technology Consortium, allows system, motherboard and add-in card manufacturers to leverage the low latency and high bandwidth of HyperTransport technology. The specification defines an 8- or 16-bit HyperTransport interface with a 1.6 gigatransfer/second data rate. As a result, the HTX slot connector standard provides an ideal, high-performance direct-connect path between system processor and board-level network interconnect, storage optimization and compute acceleration subsystems.

AMIBIOS8 eases design of server blades, telecommunication servers, industrial PCs, mobile PC electronics and web access devices. The BIOS features a smaller footprint, fast boot times, efficient power management features, and support for a wide set of features.

Aptio is BIOS firmware based on the Universal Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Specifications and the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI. Aptio is specifically designed to address firmware portability and extensibility to future platforms. Along with silicon enabling components, Aptio can be expanded using a variety of drivers, development tools, support utilities and pre-boot application solutions.

AMI’s AMIBIOS8 and Aptio products are available directly from AMI.

More info: HyperTransport(TM) Technology Consortium | AMI