ABI Research Reports on Bluetooth Chips

ABI Research
ABI Research forecasts that by 2011 there will be over 146 million ICs that combine host processor and Bluetooth functionality, while Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/UWB combination ICs are likely to see 61 million and 59 million IC shipments in 2011 respectively.

According to ABI Research, Bluetooth SIG has been very effective in combining the benefits of multiple technologies under a common umbrella. Integrated IC shipments, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wibree (now Ultra Low Power Bluetooth), WiMedia (UWB), and NFC along with FM Radio and GPS, in combined IC packages will represent nearly 880 million IC shipments in 2011.

ABI Research believes multiple technology vendors can take a greater share of the whole short range wireless market. Vendors on the margins of the Bluetooth space, but with experience in other technologies, may be able to penetrate the recently stable and tightly controlled Bluetooth market.

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