Embedded Dynamic System Design Tools Report

Venture Development Corporation (VDC)
According to research conducted by Venture Development Corporation (VDC), embedded software design methodologies will continue to shift toward model-based approaches in order to address the growing complexity associated with embedded systems development. VDC expects that evolving industry-specific requirements will further augment the adoption of design automation technologies, such as dynamic system design tools. VDC defines the dynamic system design tools market to include proprietary language-based software and system modeling tools typically intended to automate the process of designing and simulating dynamic systems and control applications that often interact with complex physical phenomena.

mbedded systems software design methodologies

Beyond the desire to generate reliable, compile-ready code from higher levels of abstraction across industries, the need for such solutions specifically tailored for requirements within safety-critical markets will continue to drive the adoption of model-based design methodologies. In addition, as the majority of revenue within the dynamic system design tool market is generated from the heavily regulated aerospace and automotive industries, VDC expects that tools offering efficient documentation and code generation that comply with the evolving industry standards will realize a competitive advantage going forward.

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