Nextreme Ultra-High Packing Fraction OptoCooler Module

The Ultra-High Packing Fraction (UPF) OptoCooler module, from Nextreme Thermal Solutions(tm), is a new thermoelectric module that addresses the latest cooling and temperature control requirements for optoelectronics, electronics, medical, military, and aerospace applications. The new module has been optimized for laser diode, LED, and advanced sensor products. The UPF OptoCooler removes a maximum of 420 mW of heat at 25°C ambient in an active footprint of only 0.55 mm2. As a result, the module can pump a heat density up to 78 W/cm2. At 85 °C, these values increase to 610 mW and 112 W/cm2, respectively. OptoCooler modules are available now and can be purchased for $12 in unit volumes of 1000′s.

Nextreme Ultra-High Packing Fraction OptoCooler ModuleWith Nextreme’s thin-film thermal bump technology at its core, the OptoCooler can be integrated directly into electronic and optoelectronic packaging to deliver more than 45 °C of cooling for a wide variety of thermal management applications. For example, the module can be embedded within laser diode packages — devices that illuminate telecom fiber-optic cables — to control temperatures and maintain proper operating conditions for optimal performance. In addition, the module’s ultra-fast, millisecond response time, and broad temperature range capabilities can enable improved performance of the thermal cycling processes in a host of applications.

The UPF OptoCooler module is manufactured in high volumes with Nextreme’s Thermal Copper Pillar Bump process – a process that is based upon an established electronic packaging approach that scales well into large arrays. The Thermal Copper Pillar Bump process integrates thin-film thermoelectric material into the solder bumped interconnects that traditionally provide mechanical and electrical functionalities in today’s high performance/high density integrated circuits. But unlike conventional solder bumps, Nextreme bumps function as solid-state heat pumps on a microscale. The thermal bumping process can be implemented at the system-level, package-level or wafer-level, and also in discrete modules.

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