Synkro Protocol RF Entertainment Control Specification

Freescale Semiconductor is offering its Synkro Protocol RF entertainment control network technology as an open industry specification to leading consumer electronics manufacturers. Freescale plans to make the Synkro protocol broadly available to the industry through an open and global standards forum designed to enable wide adoption of the technology. The standards forum and entertainment control network specification are being defined and finalized simultaneously.

Synkro is the networking protocol software stack written on top of the IEEE® 802.15.4 global standard to be used in the design of home entertainment products, such as digital televisions, DVD players, audio/video receivers, set top boxes, docking stations and remote controls. The Synkro protocol provides a software and hardware migration path for future product line extensions designed to revolutionize the way consumers control their home entertainment devices. The entertainment control networking layer was developed with the consumer in mind. This technology addresses a growing concern among today’s electronics manufacturers: the technology limitations and interruptions caused by IR-based solutions that are not compatible with their consumer product roadmaps. This comprehensive platform enables advanced control capabilities, such as two-way communication between entertainment devices. It eliminates the need for line-of-sight control devices and provides the foundation for a universal remote control for any consumer electronic component.

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