STi7111 HD Set-Top-Box Decoder

The STi7111, from STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), is a new single-chip high-definition set-top box decoder that combines both the demodulation and decoding functions on a single device. The decoder is designed to meet the requirements of major satellite operators worldwide, including DIRECTV. The new chip enables OEMs to target the high-volume market for consumers moving to high-definition services. The STi7111 features a network interface and can be effectively used in a hybrid STB, where content is delivered by both a satellite and an IP network.

The STi7111 is built upon the decoding engine used in the STi7100 series. The STi7111 supports H.264, VC1, MPEG-2, and numerous other video standards and includes circuitry to demodulate both DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals based on the STV0900 standalone product. This saves board-space and reduces cost. Previously, the demodulation function was performed by an external device. DVB-S modulation is used by the majority of today’s satellite broadcasters while DVB-S2 provides the higher bandwidth required by high-definition programming.

Processing power for the STi7111 is provided by a high-performance 450MHz ST40 CPU, which delivers in excess of 750 DMIPS to drive today’s demanding STB middleware and graphics applications, while a 32-bit unified memory interface provides a highly cost-optimised architecture.

The STi7111 is designed to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the target STB. ST’s power management system monitors the activity of the STi7111 and dynamically configures the system clocks to run at radically reduced rates to minimise energy consumption while maintaining system performance.

High-definition video is output through the embedded HDMI 1.3 interface at up to 1080p resolution while the embedded Ethernet port makes the STi7111 an ideal solution for use in home networks. A PCI interface is also provided in order to support a wide range of industry-standard peripherals.

Samples of the STi7111 are available now to lead customers.

More info: STMicroelectronics