2008 Semiconductor Industry Forecast Webcast

Semiconductor International has a free view on demand webcast entitled “2008 Semiconductor Industry Forecast.” The webinar features a panel of semiconductor experts sharing industry predictions for the New Year. The panel discussed some of the following trends:

  • Consumer consumption – now representing more than 50% of semiconductor consumption – is not only from traditional consumer devices, such as MP3 players, digital TVs and cell phones, but includes PC unit demand, which is now almost 40% consumer-driven, and automotive electronic content
  • Concerns about consumer spending caused by higher oil prices, the mortgage crisis in the United States and fears of a possible recession have made analysts more cautious, but still optimistic, about growing semiconductor revenues in 2008
  • The majority of the panelists predicted that the worldwide semiconductor would see growth in the 6-11% range, while three others predicted a year of flat or even negative growth
  • One of the biggest unknowns is the possibility of a recession in the United States and what impact that will have on consumer spending

Here’s a blurb from the Semiconductor International website:

Recent analyst reports have warned that the semiconductor industry in 2008 will not be as robust as 2007 has been, but there seems to be some question about the magnitude of that change. While some predict a small softening of the market, others warn of an outright downturn. This webcast discussion brings together several of the key industry analysts to debate that question and give us their perspective on application drivers, geographical influences, changes in the memory market and more.

More info: 2008 Semiconductor Industry Forecast Webcast