kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite

Kozio(TM), Inc. released the beta version of kDiagnostics(TM) Manufacturing Suite. The beta version is currently being tested by Kozio’s customers, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, and others and is an important step toward general availability scheduled for February 2008. kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite are tools developed for companies manufacturing electronic devices who would like to automate and track the creation and execution of test sequences used to validate processor-based controller boards.

kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite benefits:

  • The shortest test development time
  • Automatic test reporting
  • Simple operator setup and GUI
  • Remote access over LAN, WAN
  • Easy deployment
  • Tracking via integrated database

kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite improves manufacturing testing productivity through a new easy-to-read “PASS/FAIL” user interface, user friendly test sequence language, integrated database, and ready-to-use test actions such as receiving input from a barcode reader. Combined with other products in the suite, delivered are new solutions to help customers prove-out designs early and increase test station throughput and bone-pile troubleshooting.

kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite consists of:

  • kDiagnostics(TM): fast and thorough testing for core memories, busses, and peripherals with
    automatic in-circuit programming. Extendible for custom devices through an included test development kit.
  • SequenceRunner(TM): scan it, test it, track it.
  • SequenceReporter(TM): generate reports on units, stations, and operators.
  • Command Line Interface: for integration with existing test executives and processes.
  • SequenceReporter(TM): generate reports on units, stations, and operators.

More info: kDiagnostics Manufacturing Suite