PowerQUICC Optimized Java SE for Embedded

Freescale and Sun are optimizing Java SE for Embedded for the PowerQUICC III processor family. The new implementation will enable developers and systems designers may soon incorporate the functionality, security and portability of the Java(TM) SE platform into embedded systems powered by Freescale Semiconductor’s PowerQUICC III processors.

Java SE for Embedded is a lightweight, high-performance version of the Java platform customized for embedded applications. It offers embedded markets the portability and rich feature set that has made Java ubiquitous in desktops and servers. Java SE for Embedded provides specific features for the embedded market, including a small footprint Java Runtime Environment, headless configurations, memory optimizations and additional platform support.

The planned implementation for PowerQUICC processors is designed for high-performance embedded applications such as multi-function printers (MFPs), connected industrial and robotic systems, military avionics and medical imaging equipment. PowerQUICC III processors are based on Power Architecture technology and combine outstanding performance and low-power operation with hardware acceleration, an onboard signal processing engine, high-speed memory interface integration, and network security processing.

A fully certified version of Java SE Embedded optimized for the PowerQUICC III family is expected be available from Sun Microsystems in Q4, 2007.

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