Android Developer Challenge

In case you missed it, Google recently announced the Android Developer Challenge. The contest will provide $10 million in prizes for building mobile applications on the Android platform. The Challenge will award cash prizes (ranging from $25,000 to $275,000) to developers whose applications are picked by a panel of judges.

The $10 million total in the Android Developer Challenge will be distributed equally between the Android Developer Challenge I and II. Submissions for Challenge I will be accepted from January 2 through March 3, 2008, and the 50 most promising entries will be recognized by end of March with each receiving $25,000 awards to fund further development. These 50 entries will then be eligible for even greater recognition by applying by May 1, 2008 for ten awards worth $275,000 each and another ten worth $100,000 each. Recognition for the top apps among those entries will be announced by end of May 2008. Challenge II will launch after the first handsets built on the platform become available in the second half of 2008.

Google is looking for useful applications that make use of Android’s capabilities to deliver a better mobile experience. Possible areas of focus include:

  • Rethinking of traditional user interfaces
  • Use of mash-up functionality
  • Use of location-based services
  • Social networking
  • Media consumption, management, editing, or sharing, e.g., photos
  • Productivity and collaboration such as email, IM, calendar, etc.
  • News and information
  • Gaming
  • Humanitarian benefits
  • Applications in service of global economic development

More info: Android Developer Challenge