Embedded Multi-Core CPU Market

According to Venture Development Corporation (VDC), revenue growth for multi-core CPUs in embedded applications is projected to be strong through 2011. Multi-core CPU revenues from embedded in 2011 will be over six times that of 2007 multi-core revenues and over 44 times 2006 levels.

The embedded market is shifting from traditional single-core processors to processors with multiple cores. Single-core processors and the performance imperative of Moore’s Law may be approaching an upper limit in terms of adding increasing processing power simply by increasing clock speeds. In response to this problem, processor suppliers have turned to multi-core architectures in order to achieve performance gains. Multi-core processors have the potential of increasing processing performance while reducing processor footprints and providing better thermal characteristics.

There is a great deal of opportunities in the embedded multi-core market. However, a major gap currently exists between multi-core silicon and software enabled to take advantage of the available performance.

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