Webinar: Linux and RTOS Virtualization in a Carrier Grade Environment

MontaVista Software, Inc.and VirtualLogix are hosting three webinars. The webinars will show how MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) has been optimized to meet the requirements of virtualization on single-core and multi-core processors. VirtualLogix will use MontaVista Linux CGE to demonstrate RTOS and Linux virtualization with VLX for Network Infrastructure, which is a real-time virtualization technology.

The webcasts will show how and when to use virtualization to speed migration, improve modularity and portability, optimize performance, and manage security in telecom/datacom equipment and other communications devices. Attendees will learn how MontaVista Linux CGE leverages virtualization to increase reliability, improve flexibility and scalability, and provide high availability over a range of operating conditions and transaction volumes.

Topics include:

  • Technical approaches to virtualization
  • Use cases for virtualization in network equipment
  • Migrating from a legacy RTOS to Linux
  • Using single-core software on multi-core processors
  • Reusing existing RTOS and Linux code
  • Ensuring real-time performance in a multi-OS environment
  • Architectural considerations for equipment designs

The 60-minute webinars will be presented live, with time for questions from the audience. There is no cost to attend the online seminars. The events are ideal for network equipment providers, embedded application developers, communications device architects, and technical managers who need the power of a dedicated carrier grade Linux environment for their applications.

Times and Dates (all sessions are live with identical content):

  • Tuesday, November 20
    10am New York
    3pm London
    4pm Germany
  • Tuesday, November 20
    10am California
    12pm Chicago
    1pm New York
  • Wednesday, November 21
    9am Singapore
    10am Tokyo
    12pm Sydney

More info:
Linux and RTOS Virtualization Webinars