New on Embedded Star – 2007.11.02

Agilent N8300A Wireless Networking Test Set
The Agilent (NYSE:A) N8300A Wireless Networking Test Set and N6301A Measurement Application form a complete one-box transmitter and receiver test solution for Mobile WiMAX devices. With its superior specifications and fast manufacturing test time, the solution effectively meets the needs of cell phone, ODM and CM manufacturing engineers testing WiMAX mobile subscriber devices or modules that use IEEE 802.16e-2005.

ARC Common Power Format Low-Power Reference Design Methodology
ARC International’s (LSE:ARK) LP-RDM is a new automated Common Power Format (CPF)-enabled low-power reference design methodology. The LP-RDM has been implemented in ARChitect processor configuration tool. The LP-RDM with the Cadence(R) Low Power Solution ensures that ARC’s new Energy PRO technology is captured in RTL and implemented consistently throughout the design flow to GDSII. Users of the reference design flow may achieve up to a four-fold reduction of IP core power.

Conexant Systems 802.11n Devices
Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXT) offers a low power 802.11n draft 2.0 product family for high-performance, power-sensitive wireless local area networking (WLAN) applications. The CX53322 and CX53328 are ideal for products with embedded Wi-Fi functionality such as printers, portable media players, cellular handsets, and universal serial bus (USB) sticks. The single-chip devices are available in production quantities today, and have been designed in by several leading original development manufacturers.

S2 STRIDE Embedded Software Verification Platform
S2 Technologies’ (S2) STRIDE Embedded Software Verification Platform provides the foundation for SDK development teams to build and execute test cases as an integrated part of the development process. Using STRIDE, a handset provider can now create, run and even deliver test cases as a component of its SDK. This leverages the domain expertise of the handset developer and allows the component provider to create reusable and automatable test scripts, or test assets, which can be used throughout the development process by anyone on the product team.

TI bq24314, bq24316 Battery Charger Front-end ICs
The bq24314,, by Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN), is a battery charger front-end integrated circuit that increases protection when charging a cell phone or other portable electronic device. The 2 mm x 2 mm safety circuits protect a system from input over-voltage, over-current and battery over-voltage conditions, which may result from a power spike during charging, or a defective or incorrect wall adapter. The bq24314 adds extra protection to a lithium battery when a charger circuit fails due to a fault condition. The protection IC can report status of the fault to the host processor, which in turn takes additional corrective actions.

Freescale S08QD Microcontroller
Freescale Semiconductor’s S08QD MCU family is the company’s first 8-bit small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) devices designed to reduce board space, system cost, and power consumption for entry-level automotive applications. The S08QD family provides flexibility and functionality to help developers design a wider array of automotive applications. The S08QD’s high level of integration and 5V support within a compact, 8-pin package make it ideal for cost-sensitive applications that require higher voltages. In-vehicle applications include HVAC dampeners, mirror dimming, actuators, sensors/meters, watchdogs, push button control and other entry-level, general-purpose automotive applications.

Cypress PSoC FirstTouch Starter Kit
Cypress Semiconductor’s (NYSE:CY) PSoC(R) FirstTouch(TM) Starter Kit is a USB thumbdrive kit that provides a quick, easy, and affordable way for embedded designers to evaluate the integration, flexibility, and real mixed-signal programmability of PSoC mixed-signal arrays. Without writing or debugging a single line of C or Assembly code, the PSoC FirstTouch Starter Kit provides designers with CapSense touch, temperature, light and CapSense proximity sensing right out of the box. Users can also experiment with many more designs or build their own in minutes via PSoC Express.