Near Field Communication Mobile Phones

ABI Research
According to ABI Research, the NFC (Near Field Communication) business must be about mass adoption. NFC technology will be available across a wide range of mobile phones: from high-end smartphones to low-end handsets. In their latest analysis of the NFC market, ABI Research forecasts that by 2012, of the nearly 300 million NFC handsets to ship worldwide, nearly 18% will be low-end NFC handsets.

Mobile operators are moving closer to their first NFC handset orders and are aware that more NFC-enabled phones in use will make their new contactless services all-the-more attractive to other businesses, which look to benefit from NFC. Near Field Communication will make the method of paying at local coffee stores, hamburger joints, on the city subway, and many other places possible with a mere wave of the mobile handset. It also enables credit card issuers to bypass the process of manufacturing and mailing out new cards; it allows events and transportation companies to save on printing and checking tickets; and it permits retailers to better serve and target their customers with promotions.

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