OpenAccess+ Conference 2007

The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) will be holding their OpenAccess+ Conference on November 5, 2007 at Sun Microsystems’ Santa Clara Conference Center in California. The Conference will feature speakers and demonstrations from semiconductor and electronic-design automation (EDA) companies.

The OpenAccess+ Conference will focus on progress in achieving interoperability, a fundamental promise of OpenAccess. Important EDA tool releases and progress by end-users using OpenAccess indicates that the promise of interoperability is now a reality. The important new Data Model 4 which allows a new level of application functionality will be discussed. A special presentation will explore experiences shared across 5 EDA companies in how OA based design data can flow unencumbered across the types of tools that form the backbone of custom IC design flows. It will demonstrate how the OA model is a baseline for interoperability and how extensions are engineered to complete design data mobility.

A special lunch session will detail a new proposal for a set of building-block components with standardized APIs to enable construction of end-customer tailored applications and flows.

Cadence Design System’s Ted Vucurevich, Sr. Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Research & Development, will be providing the keynote address. Other speakers include representatives from Sun Microsystems, Cadence, Synopsys, Intel, North Carolina Sate University, Carleton University, Hewlett-Packard and LSI. There will also be a number of companies who will be providing real-life evidence of the value of OpenAccess through demonstrations of their tools on the OpenAccess reference implementation, including a recent contribution from Synopsys.

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